21. Juli 2019 SmartCity 5.0

The New Paradigm of SmartCity 5.0 & connected Areas

„Digitalization“ of Civilisation is not the goal! – The new goal is to „analogize“ digital technologies and building „media governance“ and reliable „market and transaction economies“ of „SmartCities 5.0“ and their (chosen) connected SmartRegions & SmartCountries.

Citizenship, literacy, digital rights and municipal negotiability and fair inclusive social market economies are the essential for city societies.

A New Paradigm of SmartCity 5.0 & connected Areas is growing up!

The main strategy of SmartCity 5.0:

It is essential to promote newspapers and public media and freedom of the press! We have to save publishing business models & all forms of journalism.- SmartCity 5.0 has a simple 5-Layers structure:

1: Public with Web + IoT as analogized media model (media layer)
2a: anzeigio is an universal system of display, ads and announcements (license for press-media only)
2b: Access & Transaction-Layer with economic transaction-charta (SmartCity-Charta)
3.: Iot-Layer (IoT-Narrowbands) and critical infrastructures (resilient city-services)
4: W-Lan-Layer (Edge – UMTS – LTE -3G – 5G)
5. Black Fibre-Layer.

The real-life project grows up in Berlin! 891,61 km² with 12 City-Districts are online now!

First SmartCity 5.0 Applications

Windy – a real-time weather-widget with artificial intelligence and 3-day forecast, driven by satellite-data

Wetter aktuell

The realtime-simulation of the vbb mobility-live-map
VBB-Map Tiergarten

Google-Map with realtime geolocalization of bikes (available from Nextbike) will be revised. Relaunch: 8/2019

Next tasks and Roadmap of the SmartCity 5.0 project

We work fully independent on an „Smart Serverless Citizenship Strategies.“ The most important task is freedom of the press. The commitment to city rights and civil rights, the urban freedoms and civil liberties and fair social economies is included!

September 1st, 2019 we are starting the internationalization! Codename: WORLDNEWSMAG. It will define new Citizenship and human economical rights! And it will help newspapers & journalists to save their media economy.

The guiding principles

We must dare more democracy, more trust, more intercollaboration and more social, economic and technological synergies!